Recovering Module

Precious Metals Electro-Recovering Module

This advanced and efficient electrolytic recovery technology was developed for, even low concentrate precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd and Rh) dissolved, as their ionic form, into liquid medium.

The whole equipment involved includes
  1. Electrolysis cell having, as peculiarity, a panel cathode made of special metal texture generating a suitable geometry and surface area.
  2. Recycling pumps able to provide an adequate turbulence to the solutions under treatment.
  3. Special rectifier as ideal source of DC and process control, monitoring the advancement of the process, then its efficiency.
  4. Specific Ion Exchanging Resin Insert, as optional unit when is needed the final step for the total recovering/separation of the metals still in solution over 5 ppm, even if normally notneed because the full efficiency of the electrolysis step.


The cathode normally will be replaced after saturation of the cathodes:

  1. For TurboRec 02, around 600-1000 grams of metal deposed
  2. For TurboRec Mignon, around 80-120 grams of metal deposed
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